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Best Exes - Cactus


Best Exes - Cactus
(PT - 012)

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Michigan’s Best Exes are a four-piece from Detroit, Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. Their debut album, Cactus, is comprised of simple, tuneful, tender songs. Linda Jordan and Jim Cherewick share vocals, with Cherewick embracing a 'just rolled out of bed' style to cool effect. Jordan’s vocals are often treated in 60s-esque reverb and overall, Cactus’s straightforward production recalls the era. In live performance, tube gain and the groove of Best Exes’s rhythm section (Erin Davis and Maria Nuccilli) give some rock edge, but “Cactus” favors a subtle approach. It’s a striking debut that shows Best Exes guitar-strum-songcraft, and youthful, sometimes midwestern, lyrical themes. The Detroit Free Press writes that, "spending time with Cactus could help redefine your perception, not of what love is, but of what a love song can be."

1. Donovans
2. Canada
3. Walk Me To The Bar
4. Cactuses

5. Rock 'n' Roll Liquor Store
6. Weird kind Of Nice
7. Friends
8. Oh Well
9. Blessing

Jim Cherewick, guitar and vocals
Erin Davis, bass guitar
Linda Jordan, guitar and vocals
Maria Nuccilli, drums and vocals

All songs recorded by Fred Thomas
On "Cactuses," Fred Thomas plays bass
"Friends" was co-written by Fotini Strakaris
All songs mastered by Gordon Smith
Cover Image by Jim Cherewick