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Mango Lane - Mango Lane


Mango Lane - Mango Lane
(PT - 015)

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When the sun sets and the skate sess winds down, Jack Engwall and Austin Carpenter hit the studio. There, the Detroit duo (who are backed by a full band live) record their inspired magic. On this self-titled album, the good vibes and pop feels never wane. Every track succeeds with warm Juno-106, sexy syncopated bass and great guitar work. Audiofemme writes, “If Detroit had palm trees and if palm trees had a theme song we would have to assume that Mango Lane’s chilled out, shimmering L.A. afternoon make-out session “Sex” would be most fitting.” The duo harmonizes the track's opening lyrics: “It’s okay to speak your mind / It’s okay to be honest” with warmth, but knowing detachment. In “City” near hippyish lyrics prove beautiful in their simplicity and perfect fit. The song evokes fields of carefree sunflowers or perhaps a hot city mirage. “Elaborate” melds Mango Lane’s motifs of funk guitar, bouncing bass and well-styled pop vox. Instrumental closer, "Patience," is cinematic, seductive and gorgeous. Consistently killer, and with a nice flow, this is a perfect summer album.

1. Anything
2. Is It Over Yet
3. Sex
4. Park Moments

5. Luck
6. City
7. Elaborate
8. Patience

All songs written & engineered by Austin Carpenter & Jack Engwall
Mixing & Production by Austin Carpenter