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Sunken Road - The Sunken Road EP


Sunken Road - The Sunken Road EP
(PT - 001)

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Improv drone session with guitar, violin and shrutti box recorded in Spring 2011 in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA. The tape consists of two pieces, one on each side, performed live in a living room and recorded straight to one mic. It could be described as quite meditative, dreamy and it seems to capture the aura of the railroad tracks near its recording. The duo displays improvisatory skill in this session, never getting too heavy, leaving things in a restrained, textural and most of all hypnotic order. With its slow harmonic language, the session's noir casted shadow has dabbles of avant-classical or jazz underpinnings, but mostly keeps focus on weaving an ambient, natural, drone. Sunken Road was drawing vague inspiration from a scattering of avant influences: free-jazz leanings like Sonny Sharrock and Don Cherry, noise and a range of visual artists. The Sunken Road EP is the first release on Palm Tapes.

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