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Dead Beast - Dead Beast


Dead Beast - Dead Beast
(Vinyl LP)
(PT - 002)

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The gnarled squalor of a hardly-operational optical shop on the edge of southwest Detroit came to house a variety of punks, slackers, hippies, and criminals. The Scrummage art collective began making use of one of the rooms and soon Dead Beast sprang out of these surroundings. Songwriter Ben Filler formed the group, all fellow Scrummage vets, and they began to paint a hazed-out vision of their psych-addled landscapes playing whiskey drenched house parties, after hours bangers and freak fests. The Dead Beast LP was self-recorded at the aforementioned optical shop except for "Like2Die" and "Makin Bacon", which were recorded by Chris Koltay at High Bias studio. The Dead Beast LP captures the wild vibe that surrounded the band, their friends, and the city that one hot summer. Dead Beast weaves a trio of guitar intricacies locked by the rhythm of ultrasonic explosion. It's a loud album of heavy trips and gnarly times.

1. Hard Thing ☮
2. Butterflies On PCP
3. Matter Field
4. Makin' Bacon ☠
5. Bad Girl
6. Like 2 Die ☠
7. Taxi

8. Spiral Stares
9. ESP Squirrels ☮
10. Monsters In The CIA
11. Fuck
12. Do You

Dead Beast:
Ben Filler - Vocals, Guitar
Max Fabick - Guitar
Dave Rosman - Guitar
Bill Power - Bass
Steve Barcus - Drums

☠ Dan Hayes - Drums, Breezee One - Backup vox, recorded and mixed by: Chris Koltay
☮ Bill Corrigan - Synth
Recorded by: Dead Beast
Mastered by: Jim Kissling
Cover Models: Marni Bowman, Calla McCord