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Gaye Israel - L'Israel


Gaye Israel - L'Israel
(PT - 003)

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"Gaye Israel - L'Israel" is Detroit songwriter Chad Silbert's debut cassette. Made using a handful of cheap synths, bass, guitar and a Roland R-70, "L'Israel" is a melodic trip suitable anyplace, anytime. Israel's self-recorded bedroom pop is full of easy charm, and the songwriting is hooky. On an album generally void of confrontation but instead marked by clean-handed sweetness, Israel's warning on "Candy": "don't you touch my candy," seems an appropriate protest. "Golden Age" is an outstanding track, at home as the theme to a b-movie, teen, beach romp and while the warm vibes of "Golden Age" seem drawn from some 1980s VHS theme, "It'll Be" is decidedly 90s- Centered by a driving Kim Deal-esque bassline complimenting Israel's affable vocal. "Life Is A Dream," on the other hand, feels of 4-track, pop, psychedelica. Yet, Gaye Israel's debut is totally cohesive; it's thoroughly chill, unpretentious and highly fun.

1. Run
2. Walk
3. Dumb Girl
4. Golden Age

5. Candy
6. It'll Be
7. Life Is A Dream
8. Half Days
9. John C. Lodge
10. Show Me Your Love ☺
11. La Biblioteque ☺

☺ = Bonus track only on digital download